What’s the best Fitness for Menopause?

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In this video, I interview Sam Palmer, a Menopause Fitness & Health Expert who has been working in female health and fitness for the last 23 years. She is passionate about making fitness fun, functional, and female orientated, offering a whopping 11 classes a week and delivering nine of them – all of her classes are dedicated to women over 45. She’s also founded a women-only running club, and was the running coach of the year for the UK in 2014.

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Sam Palmer, Menopause Health & Fitness Expert

Show Notes

0:06​ Sam Palmer’s introduction

1:13​ Do women tend to not like fitness?

2:04​ The many fitness activities offered to women over 45

9:33​ What made you decide to move into the menopause fitness space?

11:33​ Is menopause considered the third age?

13:01​ How does a menopause fitness course differ from a regular fitness course?

14:12​ What’s the best type of exercise for midlife women?

19:33​ How often should we exercise?

20:28​ Which tracker do you use?

21:34​ What is your favourite type of exercise?

23:36​ How much does exercise impacts menopause symptoms, for example bone density

27:25​ My biggest problem has been anxiety, and exercise helps me a lot

28:20​ 5-min fitness hacks if you’re new to exercise

28:59​ Do you think fitness alone is sufficient for managing menopause symptoms

30:15​ The case of constipation

31:08​ Can you share elements of your menopause journey, since you knew what was coming?

36:41​ Knowing what you know today, what do you wish you’d known 5 years ago?

37:26​ What is your best tip for menopause?

41:23​ Who should I interview next?

42:20​ Thanks and farewells

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