What is Menopause Yoga?

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In this video, I interview Petra Coveney, founder of the world’s first classes, workshops and teacher training courses for Menopause Yoga, which she launched in 2013, following her own menopause experience. She is also a former journalist and BBC producer – and author of a book on Menopause Yoga that will be published in October for Menopause Month. Petra works with menopause doctors and was the first yoga teacher to join the British Menopause Society for health practitioners.  Her unique approach to the menopause combines both western medical science with eastern wellbeing. She was among the first women in the UK’s wellbeing industry to support a women’s right to choose HRT alongside lifestyle changes – at a time when both the words Menopause and HRT were taboo. 

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Petra Coveney, Menopause Yoga


0:00 Mantra for Menopause Yoga

0:41 Menopause Yoga approach

01:33 Good gut health and mental health

04:58 What is your approach to nutrition?

08:57 World founder of Menopause Yoga

09:40 How did you put together the Menopause Yoga Programme?

13:59 How does menopause yoga differ from the other types of yoga?

18:10 The new class: Yoga and creative event

22:43 Thanks and farewells


Email: petra@menopause-yoga.com

Website: www.menopause-yoga.com