What is Menopause Pilates?

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In this video, I interview Dinah Siman, who teaches Pilates, Gyrotonic, Yoga and Meditation. She is the creator of Menopause Pilates for clients and but also teachers, an accredited training course. She is also collaborating with other Menopause Experts, and supporting the Menopause Charity.  

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Dinah Siman, Menopause Pilates Teacher


0:00 Dinah Siman’s introduction

0:26 What’s the difference between Pilates and Yoga?

02:17 Are there are as many types of Pilates as there are of Yoga?

02:47 Are there principles to Pilates?

03:28 In my studio, you can expect …

06:47 Is Pilates rehabilitation?

07:35 What is Menopause Pilates?

09:15 How many sessions are needed for results?

10:29 Yoga and Pilates: how to choose?

11:24 What about Gyrotonic?

13:58 What would you tell someone who doesn’t like Yoga/Pilates to give it another try?

13:39 Where is your studio?

15:38 What is the menopause charity?

18:46 Would you mind sharing about your own menopause journey?

24:12 What is your best tip for menopause?

26:49 What do you wish you knew 3 years ago?

27:31 Who should I interview next?

28:15 How to attend your Menopause Awareness for Pilates teachers training?

29:55 Thanks and farewells


Email: dinah@menopausepilates.com