Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my Blog!

This is an honour to welcome you for my very first blog post.

Two years already!

Can you believe that I have been in business for over two years and I have not yet written a single blog post!

It has been on my mind and on my To Do List since day one, but nothing has been written until today.

Still, I have written numerous articles on LinkedIn, for Nutritionist Resource, and even for a French magazine, but nothing yet on my blog! I even re-launched my monthly newsletter post-GDPR, and still no TLC to my lovely blog.

I will agree with you that December is an unusual time of the year to start a new routine. Many people would gladly postpone until the new year to start fresh with personal and business goals.

2018 business goals

Writing this blog has been part of my 2018 goals, so I want to be able to proudly tick this box. Achieve one more thing from my list.  Everything adds up, isn’t it?

I will be honest. I delayed it for so long because I didn’t know what to write about. Some would call it the ‘writer’s block’. Nothing else.

If given a subject, I would happily write 1000 words or more. Still, health and nutrition is such a vast subject that I couldn’t stop hesitating. I was waiting for the inspiration of the perfect subject or title.

If I had time to write for others, I certainly I time to write for my followers!

What you can expect from me …

Then it just hit me!

Would you rather read the perfect content, or what is really happening in the life of a nutritionist? Something real, genuine and inspiring?

I am very aware that I will never be able to please everyone.

So brainstorming for so long has been very beneficial and I am now ready to write, a lot and regularly, and make time for what matters.

I hope you will enjoy reading my upcoming posts and would like to assure you that I will always welcome your comments and feedback.

Bye for now!

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