You didn’t fail your last diet, your last diet failed you!

Do you feel like you have been trying to lose weight and get in shape for years without any results?

Do you want to lose weight and become healthier so that you can make the most out of every day?

Do you want a simple plan to achieve great and measurable results?

What I do. I have developed a programme that allows you to enjoy tasty and varied healthy (or healthier) foods, work around your food preferences and lifestyle, and take into account any health condition(s). This programme also helps you develop a healthier relationship to eating and foods.

Who I work with. My clients have realised that not being on top of their health means not being on top of their game, and want to actively change this. I have worked with men and women, ranging from 19 to 75 years of age, coming from over 20 different countries. All those who gave a try to this 12-week programme consistently lost weight and transformed their life.

How I do it. I use a functional medicine approach, looking for the root cause(s) of the issue. I am working on the four pillars of health - nutrition, sleep, exercise, stress management - to bring back harmony to your body, so that you can lose weight in a gentle but effective way.

Why I do it. Most of my life I've been overweight (sometimes even borderline obese) and I was also stuck. I wanted a quick fix, so I always got short-term results. It is only when I realised that the issue was somewhere else that I found the solution. Being at your best is easier than you think. You just need someone to show you the way, and hold you accountable for your results. Let me be this person.

Why work with me
We work together towards achieving your goals. Each small incremental changes you put into action will shortly make a substantial difference to how you feel and look. Forget about dieting, these guidelines will work for you. Plus I am available for you 24/7: I've been told this ongoing support makes all the difference when you don't know what to do. 

This easy step-by-step approach includes:

  • A personalised diet & lifestyle programme, updated every week according to your progress
  • Education on nutrition
  • Health coaching
  • Ongoing support 24/7
  • Optional: supplementation suggestions to achieve results faster
  • Optional: functional tests, interpretation and recommendations