How to update Makeup for Menopause

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In this video, I interview Sanni Sorma, a hair and makeup artist who works in luxury destination weddings, photoshoots, and TV. She tells us how to adapt our makeup as we age (aka for a typically drier menopause skin), and which products are particularly good for us.

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Sanni Sorma, Hair & Makeup Artist

Show Notes

0:06​ Sanni Sorma’s introduction

2:15​ Do you notice a difference in skin and hair condition from a woman’s mid-30s?

3:58​ Retinol and tretinol – for acne and wrinkles

7:23​ Niacinamide – for breakouts

8:47​ Thank You Farmer – for suncream

11:01​ Revitalash – for regrowing eyebrows & eyelashes

13:26​ How do you find all these exciting products?

15:38​ Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter – for skin glow

17:30​ Dr Sebagh Luminous Glow Cream – primer for skin glow

18:37​ How do you create dewy skin?

20:37​ How not to accentuate the pores?

22:59​ How to powder for a dewy skin?

23:51​ Anastasia Brow Freeze – to fix eyebrow issue

28:29​ How to improve red undertone?

31:58​ Always have a neutral lipstick colour

32:46​ How to find lipstick colours that suit you?

34:39​ Knowing what you know today, what do you wish you knew 5 years ago?

35:53​ What’s your best beauty tip?

37:57​ Who do you think I should interview next?

39:11​ Thanks and farewells

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