The importance of Psychology in Perimenopause and Menopause

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In this video, I interview Dr Becky Quicke, a Menopause Clinical Psychologist who helps women develop self-compassion to enter second spring with more confidence and clarity – via the Meno Stars Collective, online courses, and 1:1 therapy. Becky also trains mental health professionals about menstruality and mental health.

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Becky Quicke, Menopause Clinical Psychologist

Show Notes

0:00 Introduction to Becky Quicke

1:05 The importance of psychology

1:32 Framing context: day 3 and winter

2:09 How does the menopause transition impact our psychology?

6:14 Once connected to true self, how does it impact menopause symptoms?

9:31 What is the name of this process? The third wave

11:57 The human nature state is a level of anxiety

12:51 Women are entering perimenopause burned out, stressed

13:31 Do you consider stress and anxiety the same?

14:49 Do you feel anxiety is worst in the morning?

16:12 How Becky works

19:29 Can you imagine women being compassionate to themselves?

20:23 About HRT

23:26 The Meno Stars Collectives

27:00 Knowing what you know today, what did you wish you had known 3 years ago?

29:21 Any tip for women going through the menopause?

30:49 Who do you think I should interview next?

31:33 Thanks and farewells

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