School’s Out, Fun’s In: Embrace the Summer Holiday Spirit!

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Hey friends,

Summer has finally arrived, and it's time to kick back and enjoy the holiday vibes! My son Theo just wrapped up his school year, and we're filled with joy as we usher in this delightful season. Though I must admit, it's a bit puzzling why the UK tends to begin their summer holidays later than our European and American counterparts. Nevertheless, we're grateful and ready to make the most of it!

Unlike last year's thrilling adventure in Croatia, this summer will be more relaxed and laid-back. No grand road trips this time around. Instead, we plan to bask in the charm of London, savouring its unique beauty. And if the stars align, we might even venture off to Paris for a refreshing change of scenery.

But hold on, the excitement doesn't stop there! This week has been buzzing with anticipation as I dive headfirst into the project of revamping my website. Brace yourselves for a fresh, captivating look that will surely catch your eye. And that's not all—my aim is to provide more educational content and introduce a brand new range of products and services, all with the ultimate goal of empowering you on your journey to optimal health and well-being.

So, my friends, let's embrace this season of renewal and growth together. I can't wait to share all the amazing things in store for us. Stay tuned, and remember, we're in this journey to better health and well-being as a united and supportive community. Here's to an incredible summer ahead!

♥️ My Favourite Things this Week


👠 Shoes - Around two years ago, I stumbled upon the fascinating world of minimalist shoes when I noticed that walking was becoming unexpectedly painful. Intrigued by this, I delved into some research, only to discover that most shoes, even those labeled as comfortable, are actually not shaped in a foot-friendly manner. This, in turn, leads to deformities and dreaded bunions that can be seriously uncomfortable. Trust me, it's a real pain!

Sure, flip flops are perfect for summertime fun, but they're definitely not meant for walking long distances. The last thing we need is those pesky blisters ruining our day. So, I decided to give Vivobarefoot a try, and oh boy, what a game-changer it was! I haven't looked back since. These minimalist shoes have been an absolute blessing.

    Now, the thing about minimalist shoes is that you might need to go up 1-2 sizes from your usual shoe size. But let me tell you, the sheer comfort and liberation you experience are well worth the switch. It's like stepping into a world of foot nirvana that you won't want to leave.

    One brand that has truly won my heart is Vivobarefoot. Apart from the exceptional comfort they offer, what sets them apart is their physical store in Central London. It's a paradise for minimalist shoe enthusiasts like me. You get to try on the shoes in person, and the salespeople are incredibly friendly and helpful, making the whole experience even more delightful.

    As much as I adore Vivobarefoot, I'm curious to explore other brands as well. So, if any of you have recommendations, do share them with me. I'm always on the lookout for new and exciting minimalist shoe options that can make walking a joyous experience once again. Cheers to happy feet and happy walking! 👟

    ✍️ Pen-and-Paper Journaling

      I've rekindled my love for pen-and-paper journaling! I decided to give digital journaling a shot in an effort to save some trees. I collected about 10 notebooks, but I was curious if the digital approach could match the magic of putting pen to paper. Turns out, for me, it didn't quite do the trick. There's something truly special about the process of physically writing words that brings forth the ideas and sparks that journaling magic we all love.

      So, I made my way back to my beloved pen and bought a brand new A5 notebook from ZenArt (my personal favourite, which I snagged on Amazon). I just couldn't resist the allure of that tactile connection with the written word.

      Now, I'm curious to know—what's your favorite way of journaling? Let's share our thoughts and tips on this wonderful habit that has the power to transform lives. Drop your insights below! 📝

      📗 Non-Fiction Book

        I've recently dived into "Glucose Revolution" by Jessie Inchauspe, and let me tell you, it's been an absolute delight! The book strikes the perfect balance by avoiding excessive technical jargon while offering a crystal-clear explanation of the impact sugar has on our bodies. Not to mention, the cherry on top is a fantastic list of 10 practical recommendations that can make a world of difference to your health.

        This easy-to-read gem has the potential to be a game-changer if you decide to apply those 10 simple yet powerful suggestions. I can't stress enough how valuable these insights are for your overall well-being.

        In fact, I'm so inspired by this book that I'll be crafting a more in-depth review for my website. So, keep an eye on that space because you won't want to miss it. Let's spread the word about this treasure trove of knowledge and take control of our health together. Stay tuned! 📚

        ✍️ Quote of the Week

        A fit body, a calm mind, a house full of love. These things cannot be bought – they must be earned. Naval Ravikant