Project Wellbeing Workshop
Over the years, I’ve met too many amazing women giving up on their health and wellbeing.

There is the pressure of work, the children who need so much attention. They want to do it, but don’t necessarily know where to start, how to do it, how to overcome obstacles, or don’t have the accountability they need to reach their goals.

That is until they realise the sooner they work on those goals, the happier they are, and the easier the menopause transition.

This is why I’ve started the Project Wellbeing Workshop.

Who is it for?

Project Wellbeing Workshop is for women and mums, who don’t have time for themselves, but have decided that this year things would be different. They want 2022 to be a year to remember, the year they turn their health & wellbeing around. So if you are committed to make things happen, if you want all the energy in the world and feel amazing in your body, then this workshop is definitely for you.

What is this workshop about?

Project Wellbeing Workshop is 4-hour workshop that brings a deep understanding on your starting point, what you'd like to achieve in terms of health & wellbeing, as well as bring some motivation to get you started. This workshop is split into four parts:

  • Review of 2021 - where you’re starting from
  • Health goals for 2022 - what you want to achieve
  • Vision board for your health goals - gain ultimate clarity
  • The plan - the first steps to get started
What to focus on?

Being and feeling well is not just a number of the scale. You’d be surprise how many women lose weight to actually feel worse than when they started. In my experience as a nutritional therapist, you need to get healthy first then you lose weight much more easily and the weight stays off. There is a lot more to health than what we eat and how much we exercise. As we’re getting older, the calories in/calories out framework doesn’t work anymore. We need to take into account other factors such as how we manage our stress, how we sleep, how much toxins we allow in our environment, our social circles and a few more things to stay in top of. We’ll dig into all those areas to understand what it really means to be healthy - and may actually explain why you’ve not reached your goals despite all your efforts. And I’ll make things very easy, promised.

How can I make sure I reach my goals in 2022?

Once you’ve gained clarity on your health goals for 2022, and that you’ve established the steps to achieve them, you may be good to go. Some women are strong enough to do it all by themselves, and they will. On the other hand, if you need a tribe, more help and accountability to reach your goals, I’ll let you know what to do. When is the workshop taking place? This workshop will run monthly so that you can start at any time this year and still make 2022 your best year yet in terms of health and wellbeing.

Workshop details
  • Saturday 29th January, 9:30am to 2:30pm UTC/GMT time. If you’re interested in this workshop but this time doesn’t suit you, please let me know when would be a better time and I may be able to add an extra workshop on that day/time
  • The session is on Zoom and won’t be recorded
  • Only 8 participants per session
How do I book?