Get all the support you need to transform!

Do you feel fat, unhealthy, unfit, with little energy?

Do you have food cravings and mood swings?

Does it get challenging to have beautiful skin, hair and nails?

Do you feel embarrassed by your image, in total contradiction with your professional and family successes?

Do you struggle to find time to address these issues, and don't know where to start?

You are in exactly the right place.

“You didn’t fail your last diet, your last diet failed you!”

Are you looking for someone with a wealth of health and nutrition knowledge, professional and reliable? Someone who is able to break down the confusing world of nutrition into simple, clear and manageable steps to follow?

Are you looking for a programme specific to your needs, food preferences, lifestyle and time restraints? 

Are you looking for someone to keep you accountable and motivated, someone you could be in touch at any time? Ultimately someone who is committed to and invested in you reaching your health goals?

Personalised support could make all the difference if ...

  • You are done with endless diets and workouts that consume your time and energy
  • You have read everything on the subject, but nothing works for you
  • You feel conflicted about food decisions, and the more you research the more confusing it gets
  • You are done with quick fixes and their short-term results. You are now looking for a long-term, sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle change
  • You just want to lose weight, get healthier and feel amazing

Hi, I'm Severine

Over the last three years, I’ve helped hundreds of women from every corner of the globe transform their mind, their body and their live by being true to themselves. One step at a time.

As a Nutritionist, I use a functional medicine approach to uncover the root cause of the issue(s), so that we can get you back on track. I believe that ill health and weight gain are the results of imbalances: too much or too little and your body struggles to compensate.

As a Health Coach, I help you change your mindset around foods, keep you motivated and focused until you reach your health goals. Ultimately the perfect programme is useless if you can’t make it work for you.

It all starts with a Discovery Call

The first step to change your life is to book a complimentary 60-minute discovery session with me.  During this video call, we will:

  • Discuss "the situation" and anything else you would like to work on
  • Get crystal clear on your goals and what it is you really want to achieve
  • Start to discover what is holding you back
  • Begin to realise what your life could really be like 
  • Empower you to take your next best step

There’s no need to make a decision about working together during this conversation. This call is about you and I connecting, getting to know each other, answering any questions you have, making sure you feel comfortable with me and we are the right match.

If we decide to work together, then during our time together you will

  • Rediscover your ability to listen to your body’s true wants and needs
  • Understand and reduce your cravings for foods that don’t serve you
  • Discover a place where you don’t feel guilt or judgment around anything you eat
  • Work to achieve and maintain your natural weight
  • Last but not least: feel beautiful, confident, and happy in your body

Here is what my support looks like

  • Six months of my fully present coaching (12 sessions)
  • A personalised diet and lifestyle plan, updated at each session according to your progress
  • Unlimited text support via WhatsApp between sessions, so that you are never alone in a tough moment
  • Motivation, inspiration and encouragement messages
  • My personal commitment to help you get healthier and reach your personal goals

You know you are ready when

  • You are fully committed to our work together, during and between sessions
  • You are willing to be open and honest with me (our sessions are confidential and safe)
  • You will honour our schedule commitments and prepare for each of our sessions
  • You believe you are capable of change, and are ready to embrace new ways of being in your life
  • You are excited about the new life you are building

In exchange, here are my commitments to you 

  • I will be for you there every step of the way, to guide you  as you find your own path and peace around food
  • We will have deep and meaningful conversations, as well as fun and light-hearted ones. I might push you when you need it, and take it a little slower when you need that too
  • I will show you how to listen to your body's messages, and how to respond positively
  • I will remind you of what you are capable of, even when you can’t see it yourself

What if coaching isn't right for you?

Coaching isn’t for everyone. It is not a quick fix and requires commitment, courage and deep work on your part. It is normal to feel apprehensive: it is a really big step!

If you know you are not ready to step outside of your comfort zone, then you may not be ready to reap the full benefits of working with me, and that’s totally fine.

However if you think you might be ready, then you owe it to yourself to take just 60 minutes to find out what would be.