Personalised Dietary & Lifestyle Coaching for Weight Loss

Are you looking for someone with a wealth of health and nutrition knowledge, professional and reliable? Someone who is able to break down the confusing world of nutrition into simple, clear and manageable steps to follow?

Are you looking for a programme specific to your needs, food preferences, lifestyle and time restraints?

Are you looking for someone to keep you accountable and motivated, someone you could be in touch at any time? Ultimately someone who is committed to and invested in you reaching your health goals?

You didn’t fail your last diet,
your last diet failed you!

Who I work with. I work with professional women over 35 who want to lose weight sustainably by changing their current dietary and lifestyle habits, with a view to improve their overall health.

What I do. For each client, I create a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan, and coach her on how to best implement them. No radical changes, only a few small steps at a time. The plan is then updated at each session.

My approach. I have a functional medicine approach, looking to understand why the weight has accumulated and the best way to lose it (which may require testing). When designing the programme, I always take into consideration personal circumstances such as health goals, food preferences and lifestyle. If many routes lead to Rome, only one is the best for you!

Is this the right programme for you?

This may be for you if you are looking for a long term solution. This is not a quick fix. Check my testimonial page for proof of success. Although everyone is different, my clients start feeling a difference within the first week.

I work with committed clients. My clients commit to working with me for 3 or 6 months, to make sure they reach their weight goals. Losing weight successfully and sustainably is not just about knowing what to eat, it's also getting the right support and accountability. This is why I don't do sessions: sessions don't work, programs do.

Next step: book a complimentary 60-minute session with meThis video call is about you and I connecting, getting to know each other, answering any questions you have, making sure you feel comfortable with me and we are the right match. It is absolutely free, with no obligation to continue, and it will be valuable to you in itself.