How to Thrive in Your 40s and Beyond

If you suffer from mid-life weight gain... ... if you experience energy dips, bloating, hot flashes, brain fog, mood swings, sleeplessness, and/or any other menopausal symptoms... if you have tried everything to lose weight and manage your symptoms, but still can’t seem to shed the pounds and regain your life, you are in the right place.

It can be so frustrating to try so hard, yet see no significant impact ... but it’s not your fault.

As a forty-something woman, everything has changed - your mind, your outlook and especially your hormones. But when you understand this and CHANGE YOUR APPROACH to address the underlying issues that hinder weight loss, you’ll lose the weight naturally, and in the process gain so much more. This is also true for all your other symptoms.

You’ll genuinely thrive with steady energy, improved mood and outlook, and true happiness that comes from embracing simple habits that support your overall wellbeing.

Go Beyond Mere Weight Loss Fads
to Genuine Wellbeing

Most women in their 40s dealing with mid-life weight gain and the various symptoms of perimenopause (the time leading up to when menstruation ceases) believe they simply have to work harder, follow the latest diet perfectly or stay longer at the gym.

But the truth is, what worked in the past won’t work now (or for the long-term) because of the hormonal changes common at this stage of life:

  • Fad diets can actually destroy your health rather than revive it

  • Spending endless hours at the gym isn’t sustainable and could contribute to completely destroying your health

  • Results are likely to be short-term because the advice isn’t specific to you, your body and your lifestyle

And if you keep doing what you’ve been doing, as you draw nearer to menopause, your symptoms will continue to worsen rather than improve: your weight will climb, you’ll continue to feel exhausted and burned out, and your frustration level will mount because you lack the abundant energy and wellbeing to live the life you long for.

But it doesn’t have to be that way ... it’s possible to THRIVE instead

How I Discovered the
Secret to THRIVING Health

Just like you, I was a successful, driven career woman. I set goals and achieved them at all costs, taking my health for granted and ignoring all the signs my body was showing me until I finally burned out mentally and physically in my mid-30s.

Realising that no amount of career success or money was worth losing my health, I resigned from a successful career in the finance industry to prioritize my physical health and wellbeing.

Being diagnosed with hypothyroidism shortly after that was an eye-opener. Losing weight was no longer a priority, recovering from my symptoms was. My perspective shifted from looking good, to making the best recovery, then later reaching optimum health. Even though I took the prescribed hormones, which helped a little, traditional medicine failed to help me recover sufficiently. So I turned to experimenting with nutrition and changing my lifestyle to see if I could improve my symptoms further.

The results astounded me! Within three years my hypothyroidism was in remission and I had fully recovered through this holistic approach. ​I then decided to retrain in naturopathic nutrition with a keen desire to help other women struggling similarly.

Now in my mid-40s, I’ve gained greater insight into this special time of a woman’s life when everything is changing. When perimenopause symptoms began to plague me, I applied my holistic training and once again have seen night sweats, disruptive sleep patterns, anxiety, and a host of other common perimenopause symptoms subside.

And that is why I’ve created the Wellbeing Programme - to help women just like you achieve the same results and genuinely thrive in the second half of their life.

This Will Help You THRIVE, Too

Ditching the diet fads and taking a nutrition and lifestyle approach to my total wellbeing changed my life, and it has changed my client’s lives, too. Here’s what they are saying about working with me:

"Severine’s advice changed my life and made me able to cope with a complete change in lifestyle... I knew the changes I needed to make but my sessions with Severine changed the whole way I viewed food and her program was completely realistic to my new lifestyle... I achieved all my goals, fitting back into my old clothes and having so much more energy to help me through my new busy life. ​- Olivia Devey as seen on LinkedIn

"I came to Severine after having met with another nutritionist some months prior. I wanted to lose weight and in doing so understand less restrictive ways of eating than my previous nutritionist had recommended... Severine was able to work with me over the course of 12 weeks to help me successfully lose a stone in weight... Well worth the time, money and effort!! - ​S.S.

"[My] general experience is amazing. I have learnt a lot about balancing my meals, reintroducing carbs/grains into my diet and enjoying eating whole foods. I no longer have big cravings. I sleep better. I have less sugar. Loss on the scales is encouraging. - ​Victoria H​.

And this is just a few of my client testimonials ... read the rest ​here​.

It’s Time to
Check “Get Healthy” Off Your List

If you’ve tried everything to lose weight, but the body that carried you through four decades no longer responds, or if you're looking to manage your menopausal symtpoms naturally, the Wellbeing Programme is the answer to checking “get healthy” off your list once and for all.

When you work with me you’ll go beyond fad diets to address the real causes preventing your ability to lose weight and improving your symptoms. We will be working on balancing your hormones. You’ll get a personalized programme that looks at your current health and lifestyle. You will ...

  • Find confidence in a new way of eating so you never have to diet again

  • Learn to simply enjoy food and life without guilt or fear

  • Make peace with your body and food so you can live abundantly

  • Learn step-by-step changes that support your overall health without feeling overwhelmed all at once

  • LOSE WEIGHT naturally and sustainably without going from one extreme to another


And best of all, you’ll be your truest self -- sustainably healthy and thriving with abundant energy, able to focus all of your energy and talent on making your dreams a reality.

Are you ready to​ ​genuinely THRIVE
in the second half of your life?

You have a choice to make:

  • Do what you’ve been doing (or worse, do nothing at all)   -- OR --
  • Go beyond a one-fits-all approach to a completely PERSONALISED SOLUTION to sustained weight loss and true wellbeing.

Step 1: Email me at with a short description of your situation and what you are looking to achieve. I’ll respond within 24 hours to arrange a complimentary 1-hour coaching session.

Step 2:​ During this session we will chat about your goals and see if we are a good fit. I’ll provide valuable feedback and recommendations on how we could work together to meet your goals.

Step 3: ​If we determine we are a good fit and decide to work together, I’ll create an individualised and step-by-step programme to reach your goals at your pace according to your circumstances. I’ll be there every step of the way with ongoing support and accountability.

Give yourself the gift of health so you can be the woman you long to be. ​For you. For them.​ It’s time to genuinely THRIVE in the second half of your life.