My Story

Hello! I’m Severine Menem, a registered Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach for women over 40 struggling with menopause symptoms.

I'm also a Menopause Trainer for corporates looking to establish menopause initiatives and support their female talents going through menopause.

As a woman in my late-40s, I know first-hand the realities of the perimenopausal years (the years leading to menopause), where your body starts feeling out of control.

After years of being fit and healthy, I suddenly started to experience weight gain, bloating, anxiety, joint pain, dry eyes, and night sweats!

These symptoms came out of nowhere and I couldn't explain them. The truth is they are common symptoms associated with perimenopause, the real culprit being a natural hormonal shift.

By making specific dietary and lifestyle changes, I improved (or got rid of) these symptoms, without having to resort to HRT and medication. It was truly mind-blowing! 

I am now on a mission to help other women manage their menopause symptoms naturally, with personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice, and a little help of supplementation.

Also my story: burnout & hypothyroidism

I learned it the hard way: being a successful and driven career woman who set goals and achieved them at all costs, taking her health for granted and ignoring the signs does lead to a burnout.

It happened to me. I burned out, mentally and physically. I was in my mid-30s.

Realising that no amount of career, success or money was worth losing my health, I resigned from a successful career in the finance industry to prioritise my physical and mental health.

Being diagnosed with hypothyroidism shortly after was an eye-opener, and my perspective shifted entirely: it was no longer about losing weight to look good, but on making the best recovery possible.

I followed medical advice and took thyroid hormones – which only helped marginally. I then turned to experiment with food and lifestyle changes to assess whether it could make a difference.

The results amazed me: within three years of starting with these changes, I managed to bring back my thyroid hormones to normal levels, no longer needing thyroid medication, and I’ve been in remission since. Doctors never mentioned it was possible, but it surely is.

Discovering the power of foods and lifestyle, I decided to retrain in naturopathic nutrition with a keen desire to help other women use nutrition to help manage their symptoms naturally.

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Behind the scenes

I live in London (United Kingdom) with my husband Marc and my son Theodore. Influenced by my French heritage, I love cooking tasty meals and experimenting with new foods. Passionate about traveling the world, I'm curious to try out new cuisines and specialties, my most memorable being guinea pig in Peru, shark in Australia, bison in the United States, and reindeer in Sweden. Indeed, I love animal meats!