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In this video, I interview Sam Bunch, author of Menopause: A Hot Topic! Sam collects conversations. She is a writer and interviewer, TedX Speaker (Want to learn about life? Stop to Listen), complimentary therapist (naturopath & reflexologist), and a play writer. She is currently interviewing 100 men for her next book.

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Sam Bunch, Author

Her Book: Menopause: A Hot Topic

Menopause: A Hot Topic
Sam Bunch, Author

Show Notes

0:06​ Sam Bunch’ introduction

3:54​ ‘My menopause seems to have given up the ghost’

6:03​ ‘How are you?’

12:34​ What inspired you to write Menopause: A Hot Topic?

18:19​ The Start / The Middle / The end

25:02​ How easy is it to find women to share about their menopause?

16:18​ Did anything help improve your menopause symptoms?

28:50​ Have you found a recurring theme interviewing all these women?

31:15​ What did you learn from writing this book on menopause?

32:46​ Are you a menopause expert?

36:14​ Knowing what you know today, what do you wish you knew 5 years ago?

39:38​ What’s the best tip you’d give about menopause?

40:53​ Who should I interview next?

42:17​ Thanks and farewells

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