Menopause in the Workplace

I am a Menopause Specialist dedicated to raise menopause awareness and break the taboo around it. I partner with corporates to initiate and expand menopause initiatives in order to support and retain their female talents going through menopause. I am passionate about helping midlife women stay on top of their game.

 I typically work with Human Resources, Wellbeing, Benefits, and Diversity & Inclusion teams to support and retain female talents going through menopause.

What is Menopause in the Workplace?

It is estimated that 75% of midlife women are experiencing menopause symptoms during their menopause years, and as many as 10% are considering leaving their career because they can no longer cope with their symptoms. Menopause symptoms are not just hot flushes and weight gain. In fact, there are over 40 menopausal symptoms.

Top 5 menopause symptoms affecting women at work:

    1. Fatigue

    2. Hot flushes

    3. Focus and concentration

    4. Anxiety and worry

    5. Insomnia

Women experiencing menopause symptoms tend to make more mistakes, lose interest in their job, lose out on promotions or even leave their career.

Menopause can steamroll any woman, even high achievers, especially if they don’t know their options and how to manage their symptoms. Optimizing their nutrition and lifestyle can make a substantial difference, whether or not they choose to take HRT - because HRT is not a free pass.

Corporates are now looking to put in place menopause initiatives as part of their Health & Wellbeing, Diversity & Inclusion, or Gender Equality programs, to drive real change.

Severine Menem is a menopause specialist who partners with corporates to support and retain female talents and increase their performance during menopause.

To arrange a chat and find out how we can help your organisation, email Severine at


"Severine brought great awareness about menopause to our corporate space. Her session was interactive, engaging, light, rich in information, tools, statistics, and science. I would definitely recommend her session for other companies as this topic is really important.  Katarina Archer, Chair of the Wellbeing Committee, Operational Team Leader, HDI Global SE as seen on LinkedIn

Severine was very informative and shared a lot of easy-to-digest knowledge on the Menopause that I, as well as other attendees, were not aware of prior. Severine was an engaging host, so much so that participants were open and honest when sharing their personal experiences and questions. It is clear that Severine is an expert within her field and we were delighted to have her deliver a session to our employees.  Louise Bown, Inclusion & Wellbeing Officer, West Midlands Combined Authority

" Our gym membership is 70% female, and in the third lockdown, there had been some discussions in our community forum around menopausal symptoms and supplementation. The expertise we offer and our clients' experience is at the heart of everything we do, and so we realised that we needed to call in external support to provide the expertise in this area and to serve many of our clients.  Over three weeks, Severine helped us to move the conversation forward. From seeing unanswered questions in a community group – to a group of women meeting, learning and genuinely feeling a sense of empowerment with newfound knowledge.  The seminars were interactive, informative, and insightful. Severine’s delivery was so professional and personable, and we couldn’t recommend her enough.  It is a no-brainer to employ Severine to openly discuss peri/menopausal health, nutrition, and wellness within your organisation. Tina Newton, Co-founder SWEAT

Some of the companies I have helped with Menopause and Wellbeing initiatives

  • Allianz Global Investors
  • Aster Group
  • Blackstone
  • Burson, Cohn & Wolfe
  • Coffee & TV
  • Druthers Search
  • Frank Recruitment International
  • Friends of Sangam
  • HDI Global SE
  • Markit
  • Lutron
  • Mason Frank International
  • Nigel Frank International
  • Oaktree Capital Management
  • Visa
  • West Midlands Combined Authority
  • WeWork

Wellbeing in the Workplace

We deliver engaging and interactive nutrition and lifestyle lunch-and-learn workshops to organisations that are eager to help their team perform at their best.

These workshops are tailored to the needs of your employees, usually delivered as a webinar, or face-to-face to a small assembly of 10-30 people.

Your employees will learn the science behind each topic and walk away with practical tips they can implement right away to realise powerful changes in their mental and physical wellbeing.

Examples of past workshops include:

  • Stop Sugar Cravings, Get Your Energy Back!
  • How to Have Energy All Day Long
  • Breakfast: Most Important Meal of the Day?
  • Stress Management Through Food
  • Eat Yourself Happy: Top Mood Boosting Foods

For further information, contact Severine at


" Severine's talk was very informative and positive. It really gave me a new perspective on nutrition and Severine made it very simple for me to understand. I would highly recommend this talk for anyone who wants to learn more about nutrition and better themselves.  Hrishikesh Nimal-raj, Nigel Frank International as seen on LinkedIn

" Entertaining !! Severine has the "know-how" when it comes to turning the audience into participants. She is also great at explaining how food impacts our health in nowadays' way of life. Making the leap from thinking about change to taking action can be hard and may take time. Getting to learn about the pros and cons of changing our habits is of great help. Thank you, Severine !!  Jean-Luc Kabore-Turquin, Mason Frank Int'l as seen on LinkedIn

" It was an absolute pleasure to be part of Severine's "Stress Management" session. I learned a lot that I will definitely add to my everyday life, to help me be more balanced and successful.  Eirini Krouskou, Druthers Search as seen on LinkedIn

" Severine’s presentation was both insightful and enlightening. She thoughtfully combined the science of nutrition with practical life-hacks to support a healthy life. She was able to answer all the questions our team threw at her and has inspired positive change in the company.  Leonie Moreton, Coffee&TV as seen on LinkedIn

" Severine very kindly gave a talk at Sangam on diet and nutrition.  She was very knowledgeable on the subject.  Her presentation was excellent.  There were 90 people who came and everyone noted some points from her talk.  ​Sue Kabra, Friends of Sangam

" I attended Severine's talk entitled 'Get Eat Right! Eat to Lose Weight & Have More Energy!' It was highly educational and informative. Severine shared a great deal of scientific reasoning and studies backing up the methodology and way of eating. I took away some fantastic tips that I have applied to what we eat at home. Thank you for the fantastic talk, Severine! Attend this talk, you will be glad you have!  Mira Rutter, Productivity Coach as seen on LinkedIn