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Severine is a resident nutritionist on the Chrissy B Show (Sky 191) and writes regularly for Nutritionist Resource.


24/12/18 - Chrissy B TV Show (EP085): End of Year Special - This is us

3/12/18 - Nutritionist Resource: How to enjoy December without feeling miserable in January!

12/11/18 - Chrissy B TV Show (EP079): There is always something you can do

6/11/18 - Nutritionist Resource: Want to lose weight? Skip counting calories and start nourishing your body

24/10/18 - Nutritionist Resource: Weight-loss: are you tracking the right numbers?

15/10/18 - Chrissy B TV Show (EP075): What to do when facing a dilemma?

12/10/18 - Love, Listen, Talk, Repeat (Podcast EP59): How our relationship with foods affect our daily lives

October 2018 - Londresmag (Issue 12) - Pomme / Poire, le match [in French]

17/09/18 - Chrissy B TV Show (EP071): Panic Attacks and Anxiety: Facts and Cures

23/07/18 - Chrissy B TV Show (EP064) : When Student Life isn't Fun

22/07/18 - Spoon of Consciousness (Podcast EP99): Well, what the hell can I eat?

15/07/18 - UK Health Radio: The natural ways to support thyroid health

25/06/18 - Chrissy B TV Show (EP059): HELP I can't sleep ... Insomnia Uncovered

28/05/18 - Chrissy B TV Show (EP051): Money and Mental Health

12/05/18 - Chrissy B TV Show: Outtakes: When a blender doesn't do what it's told!

30/04/18 - Chrissy B TV Show (EP043): Secondary Trauma: When Someone Else's Trauma Affects You

2/04/18 - Chrissy B TV Show (EP035): A Day in the Life of ADHD 

7/03/18 - Chrissy B TV ShowDeadly Silence - It's Time to Talk

5/02/18 - Chrissy B TV Show (EP013): Sexual Violence & Abuse Awareness

January 2018 - Health & Wellbeing: Soup Up Your Slimming


30/12/17 - Chrissy B TV ShowGet to Know the Chrissy B Show Family - Part 2

11/12/17 - Chrissy B TV Show (EP132): Dreading Christmas Alone

27/11/17 - Chrissy B TV Show (EP126): Combatting Dementia ​with World Renowned Expert

12/11/17 - Chrissy B TV Show (EP117): Culture: Good or Bad for Mental Health

18/10/17 - Nutritionist ResourceHow not to let winter affect your mood

6/10/17 - Chrissy B TV Show (EP104): Mental Health Stigma: ​The Issues & Solutions

6/09/17 - Nutritionist ResourceToxins and your health: reducing the toxic load

14/08/17 - Chrissy B TV Show (EP088): Absent Fathers, Affected Children

11/08/17 - Nutritionist ResourceDoes sugar have an impact on your energy levels?

17/07/17 - Chrissy B TV Show (EP076): The pressure to Look Good & Getting the right Balance

9/07/17 - Nutritionist ResourceHow are your vitamin D levels?

12/06/17 - Chrissy B TV Show (EP61): Living with Dyspraxia ​and Dyslexia

29/05/17 - Chrissy B TV Show (EP055): Incarceration & Recovery

20/04/17 - UNILAD: Gluten-Free Diets Linked to Increased Risks of Diabetes

3/04/17 - Chrissy B TV Show (EP034): Control Those Thoughts: Living With Paranoia

24/03/17 - Nutritionist Resource:  Why am I always tired?

9/02/17 - Nutritionist ResourceHow can I boost my energy levels quickly?

27/01/17 - Chrissy B TV Show (EP019): PTSD in Soldiers & Veterans

18/01/17 - Chrissy B TV Show (EP004): "Everyone hates me!" Living with Schizophrenia

13/01/17 - Nutritionist Resource:  ​New Year’s Resolutions: Where to start?