Events, Media & Collaborations

I am passionate about empowering women to lead a healthier and happier midlife.

I am an experienced speaker at health and wellness events. For three years, I served as a resident nutritionist on the Chrissy B Show, a Sky television program dedicated to mental health.

My work has been highlighted in Nutritionist Resource and other press outlets, and I have been a guest on various podcasts, radio shows, and summits.


" It’s not just great knowledge and expertise that she brings to the show.  Severine is also dedicated, passionate, reliable and has a wonderful warm personality.  She always has a smile on her face and is lovely to be around." Christoulla Boodram, Executive Producer & Host of the Chrissy B TV Show


30/01/23 - Summit. A Healthier You After 40! Interviewed by Linda Ljucovic


9/02/22 - Talk Radio. Interview with Selina MacKenzie on the Lifestyles Show

20/01/22 - Book Launch. Deliciously Healthy Menopause

17/01/22 - Nutritionist Resource. Could a meat-based diet be the answer?

19/01/22 - Deep Dive into Identity. Is Your Healthy Diet Unhealthy?


1/10/21 - LIFE an inside job Podcast. Inside menopause food with Severine Menem

19/09/21 - Perimenopausal Athletes and Beyond Summit. Interviewed by Tenille Hoogland

18/08/21 - NLive Radio, the Wellbeing Lounge. Interviewed by Dr Audrey Tang

14/07/21 - Retrain Your Brain for Success Podcast: Nutrition and the Menopause with Severine Menem

11/02/21 - The Truth about Women's Hormones Summit. Interviewed by Dr Morgan Button for her summit

12/01/21 - Nurokor: Menopause expert provides natural and holistic approach to managing symptoms


29/09/20 - Time of Your Life Podcast: Severine Menem

31/07/20 - The Bioelectronics Podcast (EP011): Menopause, women's health, and bioelectronics with Severine Menem

3/04/20 - Women's Health Live 2020. Panel: 'Perimenopause: what to expect, how to manage symptoms and the truth about HRT'. [Live event cancelled due to COVID-19 lockdown]

4/02/20 - Practice Business: 10 Ways to Tackle SAD


9/12/19 - Chrissy B TV Show (S9, EP50): How to make things happen, the effects of alcohol on mental health ...

2/12/19 - Chrissy B TV Show (S9, EP49): Autism & sleep ...,  help me for diabetes 

24/11/19 - Happiful: 10 Ways to Tackle SAD Now

18/11/19 - Chrissy B TV Show (S9, EP47): Self-care isn't selfish, it's smart!

28/10/19 - Chrissy B TV Show (S9, EP43): Dealing with the loss of a child

5/10/19 - Happiful: Can What You Eat Really Affect Your Sex Life?

30/09/19 - Chrissy B TV Show (S9, EP39): A diagnosis won't stop me

2/09/19 - Chrissy B TV Show (S9, EP35): Getting the best out of people

29/07/19 - Chrissy B TV Show (S9, EP30): Real Life Uncovered, Building Resilience

5/07/19 - Chrissy B TV Show Festibowl London

1/07/19 - Chrissy B TV Show (S9, EP26): Why hiding your struggles is dangerous

27/05/19 - Chrissy B TV Show (S9, EP21): I was kidnapped & enslaved for eight months

29/04/19 - Chrissy B TV Show (S9, EP17): Being misunderstood

1/04/19 - Chrissy B TV Show (S9, EP13): A Victim of Circumstances, Health, Positive News and More

28/01/19 - Chrissy B TV Show (S9, EP4): Why make up was my sanity during terrible abuse

25/01/19 - The Good Life Well Lived (Podcast EP49): How to Feel More Energetic with Severine Menem

7/01/19 - Nutritionist Resource: Stay Away from New Year's Resolutions!


24/12/18 - Chrissy B TV Show (S8, EP85): End of Year Special - This is us

3/12/18 - Nutritionist Resource: How to enjoy December without feeling miserable in January!

12/11/18 - Chrissy B TV Show (S8, EP79): There is always something you can do

6/11/18 - Nutritionist Resource: Want to lose weight? Skip counting calories and start nourishing your body

24/10/18 - Nutritionist Resource: Weight-loss: are you tracking the right numbers?

15/10/18 - Chrissy B TV Show (S8, EP75): What to do when facing a dilemma?

12/10/18 - Love, Listen, Talk, Repeat (Podcast EP59): How our relationship with foods affect our daily lives

5/10/18 - Londresmag (Issue 12) - Pomme / Poire, le match [in French]

17/09/18 - Chrissy B TV Show (S8, EP71): Panic Attacks and Anxiety: Facts and Cures

23/07/18 - Chrissy B TV Show (S8, EP64) : When Student Life isn't Fun

22/07/18 - Spoon of Consciousness (Podcast EP99): Well, what the hell can I eat?

15/07/18 - UK Health Radio: The natural ways to support thyroid health

25/06/18 - Chrissy B TV Show (S8, EP59): HELP I can't sleep ... Insomnia Uncovered

28/05/18 - Chrissy B TV Show (S8, EP51): Money and Mental Health

12/05/18 - Chrissy B TV Show: Outtakes: When a blender doesn't do what it's told!

30/04/18 - Chrissy B TV Show (S8, EP43): Secondary Trauma: When Someone Else's Trauma Affects You

2/04/18 - Chrissy B TV Show (S8, EP35): A Day in the Life of ADHD 

7/03/18 - Chrissy B TV ShowDeadly Silence - It's Time to Talk

5/02/18 - Chrissy B TV Show (S8, EP13): Sexual Violence & Abuse Awareness

30/01/18 - Health & Wellbeing: Soup Up Your Slimming


30/12/17 - Chrissy B TV ShowGet to Know the Chrissy B Show Family - Part 2

11/12/17 - Chrissy B TV Show (S7, EP132): Dreading Christmas Alone

27/11/17 - Chrissy B TV Show (S7, EP126): Combatting Dementia ​with World Renowned Expert

12/11/17 - Chrissy B TV Show (S7, EP117): Culture: Good or Bad for Mental Health

18/10/17 - Nutritionist ResourceHow not to let winter affect your mood

6/10/17 - Chrissy B TV Show (S7, EP104): Mental Health Stigma: ​The Issues & Solutions

6/09/17 - Nutritionist ResourceToxins and your health: reducing the toxic load

14/08/17 - Chrissy B TV Show (S7, EP88): Absent Fathers, Affected Children

11/08/17 - Nutritionist ResourceDoes sugar have an impact on your energy levels?

17/07/17 - Chrissy B TV Show (S7, EP76): The pressure to Look Good & Getting the right Balance

9/07/17 - Nutritionist ResourceHow are your vitamin D levels?

12/06/17 - Chrissy B TV Show (S7, EP61): Living with Dyspraxia ​and Dyslexia

29/05/17 - Chrissy B TV Show (S7, EP55): Incarceration & Recovery

20/04/17 - UNILAD: Gluten-Free Diets Linked to Increased Risks of Diabetes

3/04/17 - Chrissy B TV Show (S7, EP34): Control Those Thoughts: Living With Paranoia

24/03/17 - Nutritionist Resource:  Why am I always tired?

9/02/17 - Nutritionist ResourceHow can I boost my energy levels quickly?

27/01/17 - Chrissy B TV Show (S7, EP19): PTSD in Soldiers & Veterans

18/01/17 - Chrissy B TV Show (S7, EP4): "Everyone hates me!" Living with Schizophrenia

13/01/17 - Nutritionist Resource:  ​New Year’s Resolutions: Where to start?