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I have been a resident nutritionist on the Chrissy B Show (Sky 191) since 2017. This TV show is dedicated to mental health, a subject very dear to me as I was affected by depression for many years.

I also write regularly for Nutritionist Resource, I am quoted in press articles and interviewed in various podcasts and radio shows.

It is an absolute honour for me to be able to educate, encourage and empower people to make healthier food decisions. So get in touch!



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28/01/19 – Chrissy B TV Show (EP04): Why make up was my sanity during terrible abuse

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October 2018 – Londresmag (Issue 12) – Pomme / Poire, le match [in French]

17/09/18 – Chrissy B TV Show (EP071): Panic Attacks and Anxiety: Facts and Cures

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2/04/18 – Chrissy B TV Show (EP035): A Day in the Life of ADHD 

7/03/18 – Chrissy B TV ShowDeadly Silence – It’s Time to Talk

5/02/18 – Chrissy B TV Show (EP013): Sexual Violence & Abuse Awareness

January 2018 – Health & Wellbeing: Soup Up Your Slimming


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9/07/17 – Nutritionist ResourceHow are your vitamin D levels?

12/06/17 – Chrissy B TV Show (EP61): Living with Dyspraxia ​and Dyslexia

29/05/17 – Chrissy B TV Show (EP055): Incarceration & Recovery

20/04/17 – UNILAD: Gluten-Free Diets Linked to Increased Risks of Diabetes

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27/01/17 – Chrissy B TV Show (EP019): PTSD in Soldiers & Veterans

18/01/17 – Chrissy B TV Show (EP004): “Everyone hates me!” Living with Schizophrenia

13/01/17 – Nutritionist Resource:  ​New Year’s Resolutions: Where to start?