Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I would like to wish you all the Very Best of Health & Happiness for this year to come.

2018 may have not been an easy year, but let’s make 2019 the last year of the decade a year to remember. And make 2019 your best year yet?!!

Planning on doing things differentlu this year?

Whether you believe in them or not, we just can’t ignore new year’s resolutions! They are all around us.

A YouGov poll for New Year’s resolution in the UK last year confirmed these resolutions tend to be the ‘usual suspects’ with health being in the top priorities:

  1. Eat better
  2. Exercise more
  3. Spend less money
  4. Self-care including more sleep
  5. Read more books
  6. Learn a new skill
  7. Get a new job
  8. Make new friends
  9. Get a new hobby
  10. Focus more on appearance

However, it seems that only 8% of people succeed in their new year’s resolutions, which means that a staggering 92% start the year with a failure! This may explain why so many either don’t believe in them or don’t share them.

If you have some resolutions in mind, I wish you all the very best and I would like to offer my full support. Often support and/or accountability is the difference between success and failure, so there is always something we can do to help others.

If you aren’t sure yet, why not wait until after Monday 21st January aka Blue Monday to make a decision? Blue Monday is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year, with an accumulation of post-Christmas blues, cold dark nights, the arrival of unpaid credit card bills, low motivation levels and peak time since falling out of new year’s resolutions. After this date everything should get better and it might be easier to make decisions and stick to them.

Some other types of resolutions …

And in case you don’t feel inspired by the most common resolutions, or are already on top of them, here is the list compiled by Christie Watson, an intensive can nurse. In her book The Language of Kindness she kindly reminds us what really matters:

  1. Love nature
  2. Appreciate your body
  3. Make friend with food and drink
  4. Be kind
  5. Talk about death
  6. Appreciate and make time for loved ones

What about my January?

Precisely a year ago I caught the flu coming back from holiday and it took me the full month of January to recover. You can argue it is quite common to catch the flu at this time of the year, but as a healthcare practitioner, it was a strong reminder that I needed to better take better care of myself.

So this year I am taking it easy for January: no resolution (although I have an exciting one in mind that I will be sharing next month), no pushing or stretching myself in anything, nothing new to try out.

I am taking the time to recover from the festive period, to get back to my healthier home routine. I am listening to my body and acting upon it.   

PS: I can assure you I can’t wait to get started with all my plans. I am embracing the saying ‘you need to slow down to speed up’.

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