Deliciously Healthy Menopause

Deliciously Healthy Menopause
Deliciously Healthy Menopause: Food and Recipes for Optimal Health Throughout Perimenopause and Menopause

Prepare for and take control of your menopause with targeted nutrition and nourishing recipes to manage hormonal fluctuations, minimise symptoms and optimise your physical and emotional health.

This book offers an expertly tailored, nutrient-rich nutrition and lifestyle plan to balance hormones, maintain bone and tissue strength, and boost mood. It also addresses the key areas of nutrition that can influence menopausal symptoms, enabling readers to personalise their eating to suit their unique needs, and outlines the role lifestyle plays, covering stress, physical activity, and sleep.

With over 80 flavour-packed recipes that embrace everything that's good for metabolic and hormonal health, you can tailor each recipe to target a specific symptom, or to suit your unique needs and preferences. With vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free options, it's easy to slot these recipes into your life - and instantly feel the benefit.

Empowering women to take control of their menopause will help them to minimise unwelcome symptoms and maximize the possibilities of this new phase of their lives.

Deliciously Healthy Recipes

Find out the formula to stay nourished in menopause, and get a few deliciously healthy recipes: sausage breakfast biscuits, lamb tagine, beetroot crisps, simply baked apples, golden milk, green tea latte.

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Green tea latte

Green tea latte (and golden milk)

Deliciously Healthy Recipes

Find out the formula to stay nourished in menopause, and get a few deliciously healthy recipes: sausage breakfast biscuits, lamb tagine, beetroot crisps, simply baked apples, golden milk, and green tea latte.

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sausage breakfast biscuits

Sausage breakfast biscuits

Lamb tagine

Lamb tagine

Beetroot crisps

Beetroot crisps

Baked apples

Simply baked apples

Amazon Reviews

A great resource. I have a membership for ladies many of whom are going through menopause. This book is a great resource for understanding what to expect and one may adjust to make the transition to a new chapter in life less stressful. There are lots of delicious receipes which I will definitely be trying. Thanks Severine. Mary Grant

Go to for menopause recipes. Absolutely love the range of recipes in this book. Not only are they very tasty but I can choose which ones to cook according to my menopause issues st the time. Now I know how to eat my way through fatigue, hot flushes and what ever else comes up. It’s a beautiful, easy to read, easy to reference book. Highly recommended ♥️♥️♥️♥️. Amazon Customer

Great book. This is a great book with lots of delicious recipes. Looking forward to trying some of them out! It’s written in an easy to understand style with lots of yummy pics of lovely food and I particularly liked how each recipe gives details of which menopause symptoms they help with. Highly recommend this book. JES

A must-read for every perimenopausal and menopausal woman. A great resource for women to understand their bodies well. The book addresses hormonal changes, lifestyle, sleep, mental health, and many more factors impacting our wellbeing. It is also an excellent health guide to optimising nutrition for menopause. Delicious and easy to make recipes are a winner for me. Beautiful book, design and high-quality print would make it a lovely gift to any mid-age woman. I would also recommend following Severine's work on social media. She has great content for menopausal women. So much valuable information, one can learn a lot from her.  Anna W.

Truly Amazing. All you need to know is here!  I have bought this book to learn more about this fase that all woman go through. I was amazed by the amount of information it has! Not only it explains about all you need to know about menopause it also have loads of nutritious and delicious recipes to make the journey great. I love this book!!!  Carol

Beautiful Recipes, Beautifully Illustrated.  Severine has created a beautiful recipe book packed full of perfectly balanced meals that support Hormone health as we head through perimenopause and into post menopause. The book takes you through what menopause is and how to use nutrition to keep you feeling vibrant and healthy. I’d highly recommend for everyone but particularly for those navigating their menopause transition.  BJT

Love the recipes!  I love this book! Simple to follow. The salmon teraki was a family favourite and I will definitely make it again as my teenagers don't usually like salmon, but asked for seconds.  Mrs A Feron Clarke

Excellent and essential info. I love it, not only for the recipes but especially for the amount of important information it contains. It explains clearly the role of hormones and their impact during menopause, so it’s easy to understand the symptoms that come with them. Also, the book layout is excellent, visually pleasing and well designed. It is highly recommended! Nina

Packed with yummy ideas. As a person who always asks ‘why’, closely followed by ‘what’s for lunch’ this book is perfect. It satisfied all my questions about how and why food helps us to manage menopause symptoms as well as giving some wonderful recipes, some new takes on familiar dishes as well as clever new ideas. I love Severine’s reassuring, steady tone (admirable when English is her second language) and that her advice is suitable whether you are taking HRT or not. Whether you are veggie, a meat-eater, crave pudding or unami there’s loads of fantastic food medicine between the covers to help nourish yourself through a magnificent menopause. Kate Codrington

The only menopause book you need. I love how this book describes what happens to our hormones during menopause and the many nutritional & lifestyle options that can support us! Her recipes are such a treat - easy, delicious and nutritionally dense - it’s clear she has put a lot of thought into them. NWG

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