How to update Makeup for Menopause

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In this video, I interview Sanni Sorma, a hair and makeup artist who works in luxury destination weddings, photoshoots, and TV. She tells us how to adapt our makeup as we age (aka for a typically drier menopause skin), and which products are particularly good for us.

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Sanni Sorma, Hair & Makeup Artist

Show Notes

0:06​ Sanni Sorma’s introduction

2:15​ Do you notice a difference in skin and hair condition from a woman’s mid-30s?

3:58​ Retinol and tretinol – for acne and wrinkles

7:23​ Niacinamide – for breakouts

8:47​ Thank You Farmer – for suncream

11:01​ Revitalash – for regrowing eyebrows & eyelashes

13:26​ How do you find all these exciting products?

15:38​ Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter – for skin glow

17:30​ Dr Sebagh Luminous Glow Cream – primer for skin glow

18:37​ How do you create dewy skin?

20:37​ How not to accentuate the pores?

22:59​ How to powder for a dewy skin?

23:51​ Anastasia Brow Freeze – to fix eyebrow issue

28:29​ How to improve red undertone?

31:58​ Always have a neutral lipstick colour

32:46​ How to find lipstick colours that suit you?

34:39​ Knowing what you know today, what do you wish you knew 5 years ago?

35:53​ What’s your best beauty tip?

37:57​ Who do you think I should interview next?

39:11​ Thanks and farewells

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Menopause in Literature

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In this video, I interview Sam Bunch, author of Menopause: A Hot Topic! Sam collects conversations. She is a writer and interviewer, TedX Speaker (Want to learn about life? Stop to Listen), complimentary therapist (naturopath & reflexologist), and a play writer. She is currently interviewing 100 men for her next book.

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Sam Bunch, Author

Show Notes

0:06​ Sam Bunch’ introduction

3:54​ ‘My menopause seems to have given up the ghost’

6:03​ ‘How are you?’

12:34​ What inspired you to write Menopause: A Hot Topic?

18:19​ The Start / The Middle / The end

25:02​ How easy is it to find women to share about their menopause?

16:18​ Did anything help improve your menopause symptoms?

28:50​ Have you found a recurring theme interviewing all these women?

31:15​ What did you learn from writing this book on menopause?

32:46​ Are you a menopause expert?

36:14​ Knowing what you know today, what do you wish you knew 5 years ago?

39:38​ What’s the best tip you’d give about menopause?

40:53​ Who should I interview next?

42:17​ Thanks and farewells

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Menopause and Aromatherapy

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In this video, I have the pleasure to interview Jo Kellett, a holistic aromatherapist specialised in women’s hormonal journey from puberty through to menopause. Jo is not only an aromatherapist, but she’s also a lecturer, author, and blender. Jo is sharing her knowledge about essential oils and her own menopause experience. Among other things, we discussed how aromatherapy and essential oils work, and how they can help manage menopause symptoms.

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Jo Kellet, Holistic Aromatherapist

Show Notes

0:10​ Jo Kellett’s impressive biography

2:48​ How does aromatherapy work?

4:41​. How are essential oils produced?

6:20​ Can essential oils be applied directly on the skin or ingested?

7:41​ What are the side effects of ingesting essential oils?

8:38​ How can aromatherapy help with menopause symptoms?

10:05​ The different ways to use aromatherapy in menopause relief?

10:41​ How many massage treatment sessions to relieve menopause pains?

13:50​ Essential oils can balance hormones: which ones in particular?

16:54​ Herbal medicine vs essential oils

17:50​ How to use essential oils with an oil burner/ diffuser?

19:33​ How to use essential oils on the body?

20:20​ Different concentrations in essential oils?

21:16​ Can essential oils help reduce wrinkles?

22:37​ Where can we learn about aromatherapy and remedies?

24:02​ Is aromatherapy becoming more popular?

24:58​ Controversy: aromatherapy and MLM

27:42​ How to choose a good quality essential oil?

29:44​ Does it matter if the essential oil is organic?

32:16​ Can you tell us about when you helped a woman with menopause symptoms with hot flashes?

34:23​ Which essential oils for insomnia?

36:23​ What did you learn about aromatherapy you wish you knew before?

37:17​ What’s your favourite essential oil?

38:53​ Which oils are good for dry skin during the menopause?

40:41​ Is there anything you’d like to share about menopause?

43:56​ Knowing what you know today, what do you wish you’d known 5 years ago?

45:20​ What’s the best tip you can give our listeners?

46:03​ Who do you think I should interview next?

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Menopause and Hypnotherapy

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In this video I interview Michelle Baldwin, a Clinical Hypnotherapist specialized in menopause. Michelle Baldwin is a former maternity nurse whose interest in the way the mind and body are connected lead her to retrain as a hypnotherapist. After experiencing difficult menopause symptoms herself, Michelle’s main focus is on helping menopausal women overcome the often debilitating symptoms of menopause and feel amazing. With her help women regain their energy, libido, and ability to function normally as well as lose weight and stop having hot flushes.

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Michelle Baldwin, Clinical Hypnotherapist

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