Hey, I'm Severine, a broker turned nutritional therapist turned educator (who dabbles with YouTube).

Who I am

Hey there, I'm Severine, a former broker turned educator. Across my writing and videos, I explore evidence-based strategies and tools that can help us women be happier, healthier, and build a life we love, while also sharing insights on managing midlife challenges with grace and resilience.

Quick facts about me
  1. After dedicating a decade to the world of investment banking, I decided to pursue a new path as a nutritional therapist. My goal was to support women in naturally managing their health conditions through nutrition and lifestyle coaching.
  2. I'm the proud author of Deliciously Healthy Menopause, a book filled with scrumptious recipes and valuable nutritional advice to promote optimal health during perimenopause and menopause.
  3. I write Midlife Mojo, my weekly newsletter where I share my reflections on various topics, recommend favorite books, articles, and podcasts, and indulge in other delightful ramblings - every Friday.
  4. In 2021, I launched my first YouTube channel where I interviewed practitioners to learn about methods for making menopause more manageable. Early 2024, I launched a second YouTube channel sharing my journey back to health; videos include information and valuable tips to bring more happiness, health, and ease to the lives of midlife moms - with yummy recipes, pack lunch ideas, and tips to your everyday life.
  5. On this website, I write articles about nutrition, lifestyle, and life advice that I've found valuable over the years. Additionally, I love sharing my top picks for supplements and kitchen tips to enhance your well-being.
Other stuff
  1. Paris is my hometown. I was born, raised, and educated there before embarking on an exciting journey that led me to London in 2000.
  2. I am the proud mom of Theo, an enthusiastic skateboarder with a passion for video games.
  3. I have a challenging thyroid: while I put my hypothyroidism into remission in my late 30s (i.e. no more symptoms and no longer requiring medication), I eventually developed Hashimoto's in 2022. Remarkably, I actively manage the condition without medication and live symptom-free.
  4. At 49, navigating through perimenopause, I've found effective ways to manage any menopause symptoms by prioritising dedicated nutrition, making thoughtful lifestyle choices, and incorporating occasional supplementation.
  5. I enjoy an animal-based diet and am a fervent advocate of the importance of animal foods for women's physical and mental health. Passionate about traveling the world, I tried guinea pig in Peru, shark in Australia, bison in the United States, and reindeer in Sweden.
  6. I love learning! Here is a snapshot of my most relevant trainings.
  7. For three years (before lockdowns were initiated), I had the privilege to be a resident nutritionist on the Chrissy B Show, an impactful Sky television program dedicated to mental health.
About SeverineMenem.com

SeverineMenem.com is an online resource for midlife moms who want to live a happier and healthier life. Further to my background as a nutritional therapist, I read a wide variety of research papers on menopause, health, and wellbeing, and summarise the information in clear, up-to-date and practical resources for you.

My goal is to provide you with practical tips, real food recipes, DIY beauty instructions, green cleaning tutorials, natural remedies, and other valiable insights to enhance your life and make it easier.

Get in touch

The best way to get in touch is to email me at contact[at]severinemenem.com or use the contact form. I will get back to you within 24 hours, and normally much sooner than that!